New Book Claims To Reveal “What Really Happened”

This looks like something to check out. An anonymous author has written a book debunking Hillary Clinton’s lies in What Happened. We know Clinton lied through her teeth, as the author says. What we don’t know is if this book is accurate, or if it also resorts to the unsupported criticism of Clinton which is typical of conservative attacks. Its reference to Edward Klein does not help its credibility.

Here is what is claimed about the book (available here):

From beginning to end, What Happened is pure propaganda. And like a seasoned propagandist she repeats her themes over and over for 512 pages! She starts by quoting an unimpeachable historical giant; Harriet Tubman. The intention is to set the stage for her reader. We’re supposed to see her as Tubman’s student, if not her peer. Why Harriet Tubman and not Eleanor Roosevelt who said, “You must do that thing you think you cannot do!” or Fredrick Douglas, “Without a struggle, there can be no progress,” or Abraham Lincoln, “With malice toward none…” What does quoting Harriet Tubman give Hillary that these other great leaders don’t?

According to sources, Bill Clinton begged her not to publish her book. Edward Klein wrote in his book All Out War: The Plot to Destroy Trump, [Bill] told her the book made her look bewildered, angry and confused, and that those were poor qualities in a person who aspired to be a world leader. He hated the title because calling it What Happened would only make people say, “You lost.” And that’s precisely what I’ve done. Her title is such a great set-up for a roast I felt it was my duty to oblige her. I mean the woman asked and answered her own question on the cover! What happened? Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Ironically, Mrs. Clinton was my unwitting accomplice in this. She’s made a career of lying through her teeth, aware that being caught in one lie at a time wouldn’t cost much politically. But I have to thank her for putting her lies in a nice little blue and white bundle with a thin gold ribbon. I doubt she thought anyone would take the time to create an opposing bundle of truth. But here it is Dear Reader, one-stop shopping. You don’t have to wonder if the noise coming out of the Clintons’ mansion Whitehaven is true — I didn’t make that name up. With this handy (unauthorized) companion to What Happened, you can see for yourself What Really Happened.

This is like living in the Darkest Timeline. On the one hand we have Clinton who continues to spread her lies after losing the election, and Donald Trump in the White House using lies as political strategy. The problem with the opposition party accepting the lies of Hillary Clinton is that it prevents them from being a resistance which can be trusted.


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    Marc McKenzie says:

    "This is like living in the Darkest Timeline. On the one hand we have Clinton who continues to spread her lies after losing the election, and Donald Trump in the White House using lies as political strategy. "


    Are you out of your mind?  Wait–don't answer–you are.  Trump's policies are locking children in cages, the GOP plans another assault on the social safety net and voters' rights, and STILL you refuse to let go of your hatred of Hillary for one fucking minute to focus on Trump's evil.

    Go to hell, Chusid.  You clearly want to remain in your timeline, which is a timeline of delusional idiocy.

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    Ron Chusid says:

    You ignore the fact that the post also links to posts critical of both Trump’s lying and his policy on children. Plus I have been criticizing Trump’s policies on separation of children since this started, along with criticism of many other Trump policies.

    You also ignore the children harmed by Clinton’s immigration policies. Even worse, there are the children killed by Clinton’s policies, from wars to her defense of the use of cluster bombs in civilian areas.

    The ones who are delusional are people like you who correctly criticize Trump’s policies but ignore policies from the Clintons which are as bad or worse. Both parties need to be held accountable for their policies–as opposed to criticizing one party and ignoring similar policies by the other.

    Also keep in mind that Trump wouldn’t even be in the White House if the Democrats hadn’t been so unethical as to give the nomination to someone as awful as Clinton.

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