Quote of the Day: Trevor Noah On Bernie Sanders’ Grammy Nomination

“So Bernie Sanders is in the running for a Grammy, and you know right now someone at the D.N.C. is going, ‘All right guys, how do we rig this for Hillary?’” — Trevor Noah after Bernie Sanders  received a Grammy nomination for  the audio book version of his book, Our Revolution.


  1. 1
    Debbie says:

    ❤ Bernie thank you for all you do for us❤

  2. 2
    Doctor Who says:

    It was actually Hillary Clinton who was in charge of the "rigging". As she basically bought the DNC. She had control of practically everything. Not to worry though, my fellow lib/progressives. Bernie will have his sweet revenge in 2020 when he destroys all the competition to win the nomination and then beats Trump in a landslide of epic proportions!!!

    We will finally have our progressive FDR in the White House. It will be a monumental moment in history. The oligarchy will end and the 99% will finally get justice!

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