The Two Worst People In America Face Off Tonight


The debate will be starting soon (at 9 PM for those of use in the eastern time zone). Clinton and Trump go into the debate with the polls near tied, and with enough voters still undecided for the race to be altered by the debate.

Both campaigns have tried to game the event. Team Clinton has probably done a better job in this regard, as even conservatives agree, even if they are unhappy about it. They have managed to have the news dominated by talk of Trump’s dishonesty, calling on the moderator to fact-check him. Of course it might be hard for Clinton to get away with such a line of attack when neither candidate is trusted, and for good reason.

It is easy to speculate on many ways in which either candidate could come out the winner. Clinton is clearly the more knowledgeable of the two–which has not kept her from being wrong on virtually every major decision of the career, often having to come back later and describe her past decisions as a mistake. Trump might be exposed for just making things up as he goes along and having little grasp of the details of policy. However, this article on the Bush/Gore debate in 2000 from The New York Times shows that the more ignorant candidate can still win.

While I will not predict who will win, I think it is safe to predict the response of the loser. Clinton will blame a loss on sexism, while Trump will claim the debate was rigged against him.

For those who want a different opinion during the debate, Green Party candidate Jill Stein will be giving her answers to the questions via Twitter. Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson says he will also be using twitter and making himself available to the media. Of course the problem with the debate system is not only that it is limited to two candidates, but that the two party system limits the types of issues which are even considered, and gives the false impression that major parties provide far more of a choice than they actually do.

Update Post Debate: Donald Trump was not intellectually capable of challenging Hillary Clinton’s long history of bad decisions and poor judgement throughout her career. Clinton was better prepared, and it didn’t take much to out-debate a buffoon like Trump. It is a shame that Jill Stein and Gary Johnson weren’t allowed to participate and provide a more meaningful challenge to Clinton.



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    Mike Hatcher says:

    I don't agree with many of the conclusions of this writer. But I felt the article that I am linking, expresses quite well the mind set of Trump supporters. People who are just fed up with both parties and business as usual.

    In fact, maybe we should create another political party that we could call: "The Rejectionist Party" Unfortunately, I would have to reject the Rejectionist party.

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    Ron Chusid says:

    I only had time so far to glance at the article. Regarding the question of whether the debate changed anything, it should help Clinton a bit. It is too soon to tell if it will change the ultimate result. Trump theoretically has a strong case as the change candidate against Clinton, but he was not able to make a case that he represents change for the better last night. Bush and Obama both did poorly in initial debates when running for reelection, but did better in subsequent debates. Sanders got better against Clinton over time. The question is whether Trump is even capable of changing what he does and doing better in subsequent debates. We also don’t know if other factors will turn out to be more important than the debates.

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    KP says:

     Next debate, Donald Trump should be required to wear the red pantsuit.

    Too funny.

    That was difficult to watch. Luckily I had taped it and was I able to watch in pieces.

    As well, I could replay Hillary doing the shoulder wiggle like a stripper. When she heard the sycophant's applause she did it some more.

    What was she thinking?!

  4. 4
    Ron Chusid says:

    Kevin, I didn’t notice that. I’m sure I missed some things when trying to follow response on Facebook and Twitter while watching the debate. Despite this, Clinton was the winner with regards to body language. Whether beating Trump in such a debate makes her an acceptable choice to be president is a different matter.

  5. 5
    KP says:

    Agree on both counts.

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