SciFi Weekend: Hannibal; San Diego Comic Con Highlights Including Doctor Who, Arrow, The Flash, SHIELD, Muppets, Star Wars, Orphan Black, Heroes Reborn, Superman v Batman, & More


This week’s episode of Hannibal, Digestivo, involved a lesbian relationship between Margot and Alana, a pig-baby, and an escape from Muskrat Farms.  We learned that Mason’s plan was to cut Will’s face off, place it onto his face, which had been destroyed, and then eat Hannibal piece by piece with Will’s face. His butcher/surgeon, Cordero, is at least as sadistic as Mason, and planned to both cut off Will’s face without anesthetic (but paralyzed) and keep Hannibal alive while he is eaten piece by piece.  Mason’s best line of the episode, discussing another cannibalistic murder was, “you go to all that trouble to eat a friend, and you overcook his penis.” In telling this story, Mason did promise not to overcook Hannibal’s penis.

Alana and Margot, who became lovers, had major roles in this episode. Alana knew that Mason’s sadism would work to her advantage: “He’ll torture them and take the time to enjoy it: That gives us time.” Alana even warned Mason as to how this would all turn out: “Play with your food, Mason, and you give it the opportunity to bite back.”Alana and Margot set Hannibal free, while Chiyoh was nearby to shoot anyone pursuing them. Finally Chiyoh’s presence in the earlier episodes this season had a reason. Instead of getting Will’s face, Mason saw himself with Codero’s face lying on his own before he was killed in his eel tank. Hannibal gave up on his earlier desire to eat Will, possibly because of how intrigued  he was when Will took a bite out of Cordero’s face. Regardless of motivation, Hannibal kept a to promise he made to Alana to take Will to safety, but was shocked when Will realized he was all through with Hannibal–so shocked that Hannibal surrendered.

Now there is going to be a three-year time jump, and on to the events of Red Dragon.

Caroline Dhavernas and Katharine Isabelle discussed their characters’ romance in the episode post-mortem video above.

Bryan Fuller discussed the episode with TV Guide, answering the big question I had as to why Hannibal surrendered, and discussed future plans:

This episode felt like a finale, and particularly brought back many of the emotions I had watching the Season 2 finale.
Bryan Fuller:
This was the breakup that we had been driving toward. One of the benefits of having two distinct chapters in the season is you get two distinct climaxes. This one had to serve as a stopping place for the story before it can be launched again next week three years later. So, this is the breakup, and when we pick up in the second half of the season, it’s that awkward moment when you have to see your ex again.

Will’s motivation has always been hard to read. Should we believe him when he says he wants Hannibal out of his life?
We come back to that moment in the final episode of the season and break it down between those two characters, and they address it themselves. Will is telling Hannibal, “I don’t need you anymore, I don’t want you anymore, I release you.” And Hannibal is saying, “No you don’t. You’re telling yourself that. You don’t want to know or think about where I am? I am going to give you the knowledge of exactly where I am and let that eat away at you for as long as it takes you to come back into my orbit, and I am patient enough to wait.”

Does Hannibal surrender to Jack out of spite towards Will or is he once again heartbroken? Does he no longer feel like playing this game without Will as a willing participant?
Will realizes that he can’t win and Hannibal can’t win. So, the only option for him at that moment is to stop playing. That, for Hannibal, is a huge rejection. It’s an even stranger rejection than the betrayal of Season 2 because Will has gone into Hannibal’s past and understands him better than ever. Will has realized that this is not an evil man, this is just a monster doing what he has always been designed to do essentially. So, he can’t give him any more energy. For Will, a magic door presented itself that he could step through and leave Hannibal and all of this behind him. But what Hannibal knows is going to come around again on the cannibal carousel is that that Will can’t live without him…

As Will predicted/suggested, Alana played an active role in Mason’s demise. What kind of impact will that have on her moving forward?
Once Alana made the devil’s bargain with Mason, it felt fated that she would play a role in bringing Mason down. In her mind, she always knew that she was going to stab him in the back one way or another. She put up with his ugliness inside and out for the purposes of capturing Hannibal, but she always intended to bring in the cavalry at the last moment. … We continue Alana’s shift into a less naïve, more hardened spirit in the Red Dragon arc. We see who she’s become three years later as a result of this pact and her relationship with Margot and this cabal against Mason. There’s a lot of bargains that were struck between various characters that, even though we’re picking up three years later, we still feel them resonating in the next arc of episodes.

And, of course, Hannibal reminded Alana that he always keeps his promises….
Yes, and that’s something we carry through into the Red Dragon arc. Alana is fully aware that if Hannibal gets away in any way, shape or form, he is absolutely intending to kill her.

Is this the last we’ll see of Chiyoh this season?
Yes. She told Hannibal that she was going to be his keeper. She was always going to be that angel in the bushes with the rifle making sure that no one further was killed by him. That’s the penance she’s willing to pay for 20 years of keeping a prisoner out of the interest of not taking a life. In essence, she’s saying to Hannibal, “I’m not going to cage you, but I’m going to serve as your jailer.” But as she’s watching the takedown of Hannibal, she realizes her job is done and she’s free, for the first time in her life, to go off and pursue her own life.

You mentioned that the next episode jumps ahead in time three years. How big of a reset should we expect?
It feels huge. We’ve leapt forward in all these people’s lives. Everyone is stained in their own way from the experiences of the first two and a half seasons, and yet everyone has a sobriety and they go into this new chapter with eyes open. But even so, they’re in for some horrible, horrible surprises.

Will it feel different tonally than the first half of the season?
It’s a slightly more grounded narrative than what we experienced in the first part of the season. So much of the first arc was all about the grieving process and also the trauma of what these people had experienced. I didn’t want to skip over what these characters were feeling, and that’s why so much of the first part of the season was contemplative and brooding and surreal. Everyone was in shock.

Red Dragonhas already been adapted into two different movies. How do you think your version will be different?
The version of Red Dragon that we are telling is very faithful to the literature with the exception of the relationship we’ve been building over the last two and a half seasons. Will and Hannibal’s relationship in the previous adaptations was nowhere near as wet and dark and sticky as what we’ve come to learn of the dynamic between the men in this version of the telling. So, to have Will and Hannibal truly possess a history together that informs their approach to the Red Dragon didn’t necessarily feel like an opportunity to change the story, but to provide many more layers of the tiramisu for the audience to enjoy.

Interview with Bryan Fuller and others at Comic Con above. The possibility is raised of a feature film, and there is information on the second half of the season.

Hannibal press conference from Comic Con above.

There was a lot of other news from the San Diego Comic Con last week, and releases of multiple trailers. I will summarize some of the top news below. There was also information on some shows, including Doctor Who and Daredevil, last week. The full Doctor Who panel can be seen above.

Interviews with Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards of Arrow, the duo who rode off into the sunset at the end of last season, are in the videos above.

The Flash season finale teased the addition of Jay Garrick (the original Flash), who will be played by Teddy Sears. Grant Guston also told a panel at SDCC that “Barry is going to have a new mentor.” It was not clarified if Jay Garrick will play that role or if it will be someone else. Several video interviews are available here

More on The Flash here.

The DC universe expands on CW with Legends of Tomorrow. Video of Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow above.

Fox’s piece of the DC universe, Gotham, discussed here.

Reports on Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter here and here.

Information on iZombie here.

The Muppet Show panel, which included actual Muppets, is above. Also present is Bill Prady, co-creator of the show (formerly of The Big Bang Theory), who worked with Jim Henson on the original show.

The Last Man on Earth panel discussed here.

The Outlander panel covered here.

Extant executive producers Craig Shapiro and Mickey Fisher discussed the new direction for the show in season two in the interview above.

Several interviews with cast and crew of 12 Monkeys here.

Both Dan Harmon and Alison Brie were optimistic about a Community movie.

The above behind the scenes video was shown for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. There is a scene-by-scene breakdown of the video here. More on Star Wars here.

A trailer for Heroes Reborn was shown (video above). The original series did not end well, but now the creators have had several years to ponder new ideas, and can hopefully return to the quality of its initial season.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer above. In addition to the title characters,  Wonder Woman is also seen. Suicide Squad trailer below:

The trailer for the Fantastic Four reboot released at SDCC looks far better than the original movies.

Above are videos of the full Orphan Black panel followed by a parody trailer for a sit-com, Donnie and Alison: Me and My Monitor! and the Blooper reel. There were also parody trailers of Orphan Black as a Telenovela and horror show posted here.The big news earlier in the week is that, after previously being snubbed, Tatiana Maslany has been nominated for an Emmy award.

The trailer to Amazon’s series based upon the Philip K. Dick novel, The Man In The High Castle looks awesome. It portrays an alternate history with the Axis powers winning World War II and splitting the United States between Germany and Japan.

Conan O’Brien broadcast from Comic Con. Some of his top moments can be viewed here. See Olivia Munn explained how she squeezes into her Psylocke costume for X-Men: Apocalypse in the above video. It involves lubricating the costume and lubricating Olivia with butter. Sorry, there is not a video of that process available.

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