Leader of Racist Group Which Radicalized Dylann Roof Contributed To Republicans

In an update to the recent post on Dylann Roof and the Republican problem with racism, The Guardian reports “The leader of a rightwing group that Dylann Roof allegedly credits with helping to radicalise him against black people before the Charleston church massacre has donated tens of thousands of dollars to Republicans such as presidential candidates Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Rick Santorum.”

The three have said they will either be returning the donations or, in the case of Rand Paul (who may have learned a lesson from his father’s problems), donating it the Mother Emanuel Hope Fund.

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    Raymond Smith says:

    So they return the money it still does not deal with the main issue. That issue is that he gave them money for he agrees and supports their chosen policies and actions. In other words he supports politicians that supports his same ideas that he lists on his we site. 

    This is why the Federal Government is so resistant to charging people with Domestic Terrorism even though they are one by choices and actions. They would then have to investigate those that are mentioned above and they would be found guilty as well. By pushing anti-government propaganda and hate. 

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