Jeb Bush Not As Transparent As He Claims

The revelations this week regarding Hillary Clinton’s use of private email (discussed here, here, and here) added to questions about her secrecy, opposition to transparency in government, and her character. Her actions also look remarkably foolish for a major candidate, especially considering how she had previously criticized Republicans in the Bush administration for the same actions. Her actions, and her poor response to the situation, have also reinforced concerns among some Democrats that Clinton is not a very good campaigner.

Initially it appeared that Jeb Bush had out-maneuvered her by recently releasing email from when he was Governor of Florida. Now CNN is reporting that Bush is exaggerating the transparency of his administration:

Bush has released hundreds of thousands of emails from the personal account he used during his eight years as governor in the name of transparency — and after public records requests for those emails. A Bush aide told NBC News that a number of his staffers and his general counsel’s office decided which emails to release.

But a CNN review of those emails turned up evidence a number of his official aides and family members also had email addresses housed at — and used them to conduct both official and political business — raising questions about how transparent that email dump ultimately was.

Of course Bush isn’t the only potential Republican candidate with email problems. Chris Christie’s administration had similar problems. Perhaps that is why Hillary Clinton thinks she can get away with primarily keeping quite about the whole thing.


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    David Duff says:

    Off topic, but I do realise what a busy fellow you are and I’m sure you would have got around to it in time but Holder’s ‘apparat’ has thrown in the towel on Officer Darren Ferguson and admitted that there is not a scintilla of evidence to support the lies that were hurled at him and repeated by your media and, er, by certain blogs who shall go nameless!

    For an exact list of the lies read Colin Flaherty at The American Thinker:

    “Hands up, don’t shoot? Lie.
    Gentle giant? Lie.
    Minding his own business? Lie.
    Shot in the back? Lie.
    Did not attack the police officer? Lie.
    ‘Didn’t do nothing’ to the Asian shopkeeper? Lie.
    Relatives did not try to start a riot? Lie.
    Protests were “largely peaceful?” Lie.”
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    David Duff says:

    Ooops, “Darren Ferguson” should read Darren Wilson, of course – I think I may be getting old!

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    Ron Chusid says:

    You sure do not understand how the American legal system works, and again your conclusions are incorrect.

    The decision of the DOJ not to file federal civil rights charges was expected and says nothing about the guilt or innocence of Wilson. The burden of proof for federal prosecution is extremely high. All Wilson had to do in order to avoid federal prosecution was to state any non-racially based defense (assuming there isn’t independent evidence of a racial motive such as the emails which led others in Ferguson to get fired).

    It doesn’t matter that the evidence shows that Wilson was lying in his defense. The evidence still shows that Wilson probably committed manslaughter and should be tried for this in state (not federal) court. All the claims you mention should be evaluated in an open trial which follows normal rules of evidence. In the absence of such a trial, it cannot be said that Wilson is innocent.

    Of course the racism in Ferguson and the irregular acts by the prosecutor kept Wilson from having a trial. This is what brought Ferguson to everyone’s attention. The DOJ investigated and did find that the accusations of racism in Ferguson are correct. Under our legal system, the DOJ is not able to try Wilson, but they can force changes in Ferguson to attempt to prevent other police officers from committing the same crime which Wilson got away with.

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