Doctor Who Returns This Afternoon

Doctor Who first airs at 7:50 London time, so I’m about to make sure Hola unblocker is working fine, and then hooking it up via the HDMI port to my big screen television. For those who are more patient (or won’t be out to dinner as I will be at the time) BBC America is showing it at 8 p.m.

Using Hola to make it appear that my computer is in the U.K. will also come in handy to watch Doctor Who Extra which will be showing on the BBC iPlayer, replacing the old Doctor Who Confidential.

New trailer above, and a scene from today’s episode, Deep Breath, below:

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  1. 1
    David Duff says:

    On the other hand you could count the daisies on your lawn!

  2. 2
    Ron Chusid says:

    We have lots of things growing but I’m not sure if we have daisies. I believe the sun flowers are in the daisy family, but botany was never a major interest and my wife handles most of the landscaping decisions. It seemed easier to stream BBC 1 than than to figure out what types of flowers are growing.

    It took several tries to find a way to get BBC the iPlayer to work in the US but I eventually got it. There were sure some strange shows on BBC1 before Doctor Who. Unfortunately streaming quality was far from HD so unless I’m in a situation like this week where I was going out to dinner relatively early I think I will stick to either downloading a HD copy after it airs or waiting to watch on BBC America. Last year BBC America didn’t show it until around 10 pm and I only got it in standard definition. My cable company completed going all digital over the summer and we now get BBC America in HD, with Doctor Who also moved up to 8 pm. In the fall the football schedule has a huge impact on what time I get to Doctor Who.

  3. 3
    David Duff says:

    The vast majority of what appears on BBC is crap! Their news coverage is corrupt. At least, given the techie problems you have, you are forced to pick and choose which is the only way to watch their wretched product. However, it is worth keeping half an eye on BBC4 which does have a better content (on the whole) than the rest of their output put together. Particularly on Sat or Sun evenings when they show some foreign TV programmes – ‘Scandie’ thrillers and the like.

  4. 4
    Ron Chusid says:

    I could probably improve the quality of the live BBC stream if I paid for a VPN as opposed to using free sources, but there isn’t any point in that. I rarely watch any American networks live. I don’t need BBC live except in cases like Saturday which are too rare to pay for on a regular basis. ITV is easy to get into than BBC so the signal quality is better in case my wife can’t wait a couple hours for me to download Downton Abbey. She is quite happy that we don’t have to wait until winter when PBS shows it here.

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