Not Ready To Settle For Hillary

Not Ready Hillary

Tim Kaine is getting some publicity for saying he is ready for Hillary. I wonder if it is an early application for the vice presidential spot.

I’m not ready for Hillary, first because we have a major election coming up this November. Democrats need to concentrate on that, not 2016.

I’m also not ready to settle for Hillary. Sure, her nomination looks inevitable, but 2016 is still a long time away. She is unlikely to make the same mistakes which allowed Obama to beat her in 2008, but there is the possibility that she will make new mistakes. At the moment there doesn’t seem anyone credible to challenge her, but new Democratic leaders just might emerge while campaigning this fall. While the attacks are pure partisan nonsense, it is also possible that the Republican witch hunt on Benghazi might make her decide it just isn’t worth it to run.

I’m still hoping that the Democrats could do better and find a candidate who stands for something beyond inevitability and being the first woman president. If we want a woman candidate, I’d certainly consider Elizabeth Warren before Hillary Clinton. I’d have to take a closer look before endorsing her (and that would be premature to consider when she denies plans to run). She has received favorable publicity for a variety of reasons. Perhaps what interests me the most about her is that she once said “I was a Republican because I thought that those were the people who best supported markets.” She now is a Democrat because of realizing that is not true. It is impossible to truly be a supporter of a free market economy and vote for Republicans, whose agenda is to destroy the market economy, along with the middle class, in order to transfer the nation’s wealth to a tiny plutocracy.

At very least, can’t the Democrats come up with a candidate who wasn’t a cheerleader for the Iraq war, one of the biggest mistakes in our history?

There is no doubt, considering how extreme the Republican Party is, and how disastrous their policies are for individual liberty, economic prosperity, and our national security, that if Hillary is the candidate I will hold my nose and vote for her as the clear lesser evil. On the other hand, amusing that Republican defeat is otherwise assured, should our two party system only give us a choice between a Clinton and a Bush, I just might take a look at the Green Party.

Update: Rand Paul Could Shake Up An Election Against Hillary Clinton


  1. 1
    David Duff says:

    Should ‘Fauxcahontas’ run and win, will she call her new residence the ‘White Wigwam’?

  2. 2
    Ron Chusid says:

    Don’t know. Can’t talk about Warren running–it somehow shows that women aren’t taken seriously, at least according to one comment on the post from one woman on Facebook.

    Her argument is that Warren said she is not running and it shows that people aren’t giving women the respect to listen to their actual words if anyone talks about her running. I did respond pointing out that politicians often say they are not running regardless of sex and then wind up running for office–this has noting to do with being female. Plus things change. Nobody would blame Warren if Clinton didn’t run and she changed her mind.

    In response to that, my wife joked that I could have added that women are known to change their minds–which probably would have really made the person who objected to the post mad.

    Other than for that negative comment, I see there are 28 likes so far for the post. There must be additional sentiment for someone other than Hillary Clinton being the nominee.

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