Brewer Vetoes Arizona Bill Legalizing Discrimination Against Gays

In the second of two reports of good news today, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer hasvetoed the bill recently passed by the state legislature to permit discrimination. The law would have allowed businesses to legally practice discrimination against homosexuals. I discussed the bill and conservative cherry picking of religious teachings further here.

Conservatives are promoting similar “religious freedom” bills in other states. To the religious right, “religious freedom” means the freedom to impose their religious views upon others in violation of the Constitutional protection of separation of church and state which this nation was founded upon. A similar bill in Georgia is expected to be defeated.

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    Marcus says:

    Surprised that Brewer didn’t just let it become law, and tell the legislature that if they want it repealed, they should do it, and not make her the bad guy.  She was getting blowback from all sides, but she was not the one who created the legislation.   Not defending her by a long shot, but this is how she could have played hardball with the fools who gave this mess to her.
    The folks who voted for it get to blame her and outside interests in defeating it, which increases their cred with the base while.  It also secures the david vs goliath storyline for why a ‘good’ idea got trumped by politics.  An electoral win for the fools who passed the turd in the first place, come November. 

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