Trade Organizations Warn Of National Clown Shortage


The New York Daily News reports that trade organizations are warning of an impending national clown shortage, blaming it on a “lack of wannabe Bozos.”

I fail to see a problem here. There are plenty of wannabe Bozos out there. Just turn on the radio. Glenn Beck has even described himself as a rodeo clown. What about Limbaugh? Plus there’s pretty much the entire “news” department at Fox, not to mention almost the entire Republican Party.


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    labman57 says:

    Clown shortage?  Helium shortage?
     Both are popular at little kids’ birthday parties.  Coincidence?  You decide.

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    David Duff says:

    Or they could try the White House.  The current resident, weeks after a drought has impoverished Californian farmers, finally managed to find time to pay them a visit where he spoke of “shared sacrifice”.  Exhausted by this tremendous effort he decided to stay the weekend with some ‘zillionaire’ ‘friends’ and played three rounds of golf on courses that guzzle enough water to empty the Pacific – well, not quite but you know what I mean!  The rancid stench of humbug has added to the farmers’ woes.

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    Ron Chusid says:

    This story makes it so easy to tie to many politicians, but Obama is a poor choice. If you want to look at the White House, definitely Bush was a clown (I think intentionally at times to appeal to the “common man.”) Even Clinton. Not Obama. He has spent his time in Washington as the straight man, the serious man in the room trying to govern responsibly while surrounded by clowns.

    Besides all the clowns in government compared to Obama, Obama has repeatedly been attacked by opponents who turn out looking like the clowns. There’s his birth certificate, and all the fake scandals which have blown up in his opponents’ faces when the facts came out. Those who cry “Benghazi” or “IRS Scandal” turned out to be the clowns.

    With respect to his California trip, I agree that symbolically it was a mistake to play golf where he did. The true clowns in the GOP, who have no serious issues to speak about, were certain to make a lot of noise about this. The real clowns are those Republican Obama-haters who are crying about how much time Obama has taken on vacation, oblivious to the fact that he has taken far less time off than predecessors such as Bush and Reagan.

    The biggest clowns of all are those who see the drought in California while denying the scientific evidence for climate change, and think they know more that 97% of climate scientists.

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