Jon Stewart Shows That Everyone Got Some Facts Wrong About The Affordable Care Act

Jon Stewart points out that Barack Obama’s statements on keeping one’s own insurance were false because there were exceptions which he should have mentioned but failed to do so. Video above. He also points out, as I did yesterday, that the Republicans have lied quite a bit more with regards to health care reform.

Unfortunately Obama isn’t helping himself with his latest explanation. He needs to admit his mistake and move on.

What is important now is not whether there are some exceptions to the claim that everyone can keep their current insurance policy but that few are actually harmed, along with  how we are much better off with the passage of the Affordable Care Act. Benefits such as subsidies for insurance premiums and receiving more comprehensive care will actually wind up saving  money for most people whose current health care coverage is terminating. Insurance companies did also have the option of grandfathering in many of the people whose plans are being dropped, and are required to offer alternative plans.

The Affordable Care Act also guarantees that many people who would have been at risk of having their policies terminated if they developed medical problems no longer face that risk. In addition, people who could not purchase insurance in the past due to pre-existing conditions will now be able to. Other benefits include being able to keep dependent children on their parents policies until age 26 and coverage of preventative studies.