The One Thing Mitt Romney Was Right About

Remember how Mitt Romney spent the presidential campaign avoiding making any meaningful statements on political issues or responding to Obama’s actual views? Maybe it wasn’t purely because he’s a pathological liar who preferred to attack an imaginary version of Obama which he made up. Perhaps it was because Romney never really was interested in running for president.

Over the Christmas break of 2010, Mitt Romney and his family took an internal poll on whether he should run for president once more. Twelve family members cast ballots. Ten said no. One of the 10 was Mitt Romney himself.

The doubts that the former Massachusetts governor harbored before ultimately launching his second unsuccessful bid for the presidency are one of several attention-grabbing details in “Collision 2012,” the newest book on the 2012 campaign.

We had a candidate who didn’t want to run heading a party of people who don’t believe in governing.