Wingnuts Say The Darndest Things

Wingnut Bumper Sticker

Texas Rep. Steve Stockman promoted his campaign’s  new bumper on Twitter: “Our campaign bumper sticker: If babies had guns, they wouldn’t be aborted.”

Absurd, but in some ways brilliant for the way in which it combines two of the most idiotic right wing positions onto a bumper sticker. If only liberals could do as good a job of succinctly summing up their reality-based view of the world. Or maybe that’s the problem. Serious commentary on the issues doesn’t easily fit onto a bumper sticker.

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  1. 1
    Steve Simpleton says:

    He’s busy arming Iran and North Korea against the tyranny of the US Government.

  2. 2
    Bill from Dover says:

    If wingnuts had a brain, they wouldn’t be wingnuts.

  3. 3
    steeve says:

    The idiocy detracts from the larger idiocy – that anyone who’s voting on those issues instead of the survival of the middle class is already an idiot.

  4. 4
    pfair143 says:

    How about:

    If abortions were accompanied by mandatory Daddy castrations, abortions would not exist.

  5. 5
    Paul Cone says:

    I left the American shores circa 36 years ago to live in England. I’ve watched with dismay as the lunatics have taken over the asylum! I’m employed as a clinical psychologist – maybe I should return to the USA and work with Congress. Needless to say, business would be plentiful, but then again therapeutic work would require at least a modicum of awareness.
    Paul Cone

  6. 6
    Rich (IN Name Only) in Reno says:

    And if babies had hand held calculators, they’d all be CPAs.

  7. 7
    CAGary says:

    And the gold standard(too lazy on Sunday to look up the source):
    “If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament”

  8. 8
    Supremecourtjester says:

    In view of the news that a 4 year old shot his 6 year old brother I think that “if babies had guns they would not have siblings” would be more appropriate.

  9. 9
    J Edward says:

    That slogan is just so illogical that it confirms my long standing opinion that GOP fear based campaigning has left all GOP operatives as well as all GOP voters insane.

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