David Letterman On Someone Else Getting The Tonight Show (Again)

“How many folks earlier today saw the white smoke coming out of the chimney at NBC? I got a call from my mom today. She says, ‘Well, David, I see you didn’t get ‘The Tonight Show’ again.'” –David Letterman

“Didn’t we just go through this? Jay Leno is being replaced — this is the second time this has happened. It’s crazy. He’s being replaced by a younger late-night host. What could possibly go wrong?” –David Letterman

“But NBC, bless them, announced the official date for Jay Leno’s departure. No mention of his official date of return, however.” –David Letterman

And a bonus quote from Jay Leno:

“Things move so quickly. Jimmy hasn’t even taken over yet and the rumors have already started — like NBC says in five years they plan to replace Jimmy with Justin Bieber.” –Jay Leno