Mitt Romney Is Turning Out To Be The 47 Percent Candidate

Mitt Romney showed that he was unfit to be president with his 47 percent comment to a group of donors. This was wrong for so many reasons. Barack Obama was at 47 percent in the polls but this did not coincide with the approximately 47 percent of the country who do not pay federal income taxes. These not paying income taxes include retired people, students, many in the military, and many working people who pay payroll taxes but don’t earn enough to pay income taxes. Many of these vote Republican–poorly educated, low-information white males make up a substantial portion of the Republican base.  Despite what Romney might believe, party affiliation is only weakly correlated with income.

Democratic voters such as myself don’t want to take anything–we want to get government out of the private lives of individuals and we want a government which bases policies upon facts, not deranged right wing ideological views. If we want to look at takers, look at how the red states receive more federal benefits than they pay in income taxes. And yes, us Democratic voters might not like paying income taxes but we do realize that this is the cost of living with the benefits of the modern world.

Romney’s 47 percent comment has created a narrative that Mitt Romney would be the president of half the country if elected and not care about the other half. That is not true. Mitt Romney would have been the president of less than one percent of the country, not half. Most people who voted for Romney would find that they are much better off under Obama’s policies if they are willing to look at the facts.

With all the publicity around the 47 percent number, it is increasingly looking like that this is where Mitt Romney, not Barack Obama, will wind up when all the votes are counted. From Greg Sargent:

When all the votes are counted, could Mitt Romney really end up achieving perfect poetic justice by finishing with 47 percent of the national vote? Yup. Dave Wasserman of the nonpartisan Cook Political Report says new votes in from Maryland put Romney at 47.56 percent. He predicts with certainty that with all of New York and California counted, Romney will end up below 47.5 percent of the vote.

Rounded, of course, that would put the final tally at 51-47. Anticipating this moment, Markos Moulitsas has inaugurated the “Romney 47 percent watch.”

There is one disturbing factor here. Considering how harmful Romney’s policies would be to the country, 47 percent is far too much support for him.