Romney Not Only Most Dishonest Candidate Ever–Romney Has Most Chutzpah

Mitt Romney has based his entire campaign upon saying things which are not true. He has frequently taken statements out of context from Obama, attributed statements actually made by others to Obama, and  has entirely made some things up. He is campaigning against a fictitious person who has nothing to do with the real Barack Obama. Romney similarly fabricates his own economic statistics and lies about events. Steve Benen is now on Volume 34 in his extremely long list of Romney’s lies. I’ve been waiting for the debates to see what Romney would do when Obama countered him with the facts. It turns out that pathological liar Mitt Romney anticipated this problem and has come up with a bold attempt to face this. Mitt Romney has the incredible chutzpah to claim that Obama will say things which aren’t true in the debates. Of course, like everything else Romney claims, he has no evidence to back up his accusations that Obama has lied in past debates.

Romney will get away with that with many of his supporters. After all, the primary target of Republican campaigns are low-information voters who believe whatever they hear from the right wing noise machine. The problem is that this limits Romney to the far right wing base, which is probably too small to win a national election. Mitt Romney cannot fool enough people enough of the time. Republicans often use projection to attribute their faults (such as a tendency to run up big deficits) to the opposing party. This attempt is just too comical to have any chance to succeed.