Todd Akin To Remain In Race as GOP Takes Hard Line Stance Against Abortion Rights and Stem Cell Research

In follow-up of yesterday’s post, despite rumors he might leave the race, Todd Akin says he is remaining in the race.  Claire McCaskil had run ads designed to help Akin win the Republican primary, and having him remain in the race helps her hold on to her Senate seat. This also increases the chances for the Democrats to retain control of the Senate and there is speculation that this might have an impact on the presidential race.

While few other Republicans will be foolish enough to make such a claim such as that “legitimate rape” doesn’t cause pregnancy, there are many conservatives (including Representative Steve King) who are as ignorant of science as Akin. The more important point is that, regardless of how they feel about the chances of pregnancy from rape, the Republicans are increasingly pushing for a Constitutional ban on abortion in any circumstance. CNN reports that the Republican Platform will include support for a human life amendment, previously sponsored by Paul Ryan and Tod Akin, which would ban abortion and some forms of birth control. The Republicans will also oppose embryonic stem cell research in their platform.