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How many Secret Service agents does it take to pay a hooker?

(Apparently eleven was not enough.)

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Romney, No Obama, Leads In Polls; Romney Leads In Unpopularity

Gallup shows Romney leading 47 percent to 45 percent in their initial daily tracking poll. CNN shows Obama leading by nine points. This primarily shows that it is way too early to believe the polls. Gallup put this in perspective:

History shows that the candidates’ positioning in the spring of an election year is not necessarily good at forecasting the election outcomes. For example, in an April 20-22, 1992, Gallup poll, incumbent President George H.W. Bush was ahead with 41% of the vote, compared with 26% for Bill Clinton and 25% for Ross Perot. And in an April 11-14, 1980, poll, incumbent President Jimmy Carter led Ronald Reagan by 42% to 34%, with John Anderson receiving 18% support. Both Bush and Carter, of course, ultimately lost their re-election bids.

One more piece of poll history. ABC News/Washington Post found that Romney sets a new record for unpopularity for a presumptive nominee:

Mitt Romney has emerged from the Republican primary season with the weakest favorability rating on record for a presumptive presidential nominee in ABC News/Washington Post polls since 1984, trailing a resurgent Barack Obama in personal popularity by 21 percentage points.

Thirty-five percent of Americans see Romney favorably, while 47 percent have an unfavorable opinion of the former Massachusetts governor. He’s the first likely nominee to be underwater — seen more unfavorably than favorably — in ABC/Post polls in eight presidential primary seasons over the past 28 years.