No Surprise: Republicans Moving To Far Right While Democrats Moving Towards Middle

The Republican Party has moved to the far right in recent years–far to the right of Barry Goldwater and even Ronald Reagan–while the Democrats have moved towards the middle. The voteview blog has analyzed recent presidents and the result is exactly what we already knew:

Our findings here echo those discussed in a prior post that Republicans have moved further to the right than Democrats to the left in the contemporary period. Indeed, as seen below, President Obama is the most moderate Democratic president since the end of World War II, while President George W. Bush was the most conservative president in the post-war era.

On the other hand, in many ways Obama has had success at passing liberal polices in some areas where other Democratic presidents have failed. This success might be partially because of his moderation, and that a more liberal Democrat might have had fewer successes.

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  1. 1
    Fritz says:

    I assume that the purpose of a political party is to win elections.

    That assumption in mind, haven’t Republicans been successful? Is that despite or because of their move to the right?

  2. 2
    JUDI says:

    No Surprise: Republicans Moving To Far Right While Democrats Moving Towards Middle – (via @sociablesite)

  3. 3
    Ron Chusid says:

    In most cases despite moving to the far right, but in some cases taking far right positions has helped them by motivating the far right base.

    Bush won his first term by running as a compassionate conservative, not as a far right conservative. He won reelection partially by orchestrating a vicious smear campaign against Kerry, and partially by pandering to the far right by taking advantage of campaigns to ban gay marriage in several states.

    The Republicans lost in 2006 and 2008, partially for being far right and partially for being inept. (Actually the two are closely related as by taking up policies which are contrary to reality based upon their extremist philosophy it was inevitable that their policies would fail).

    Republicans did well in 2010, but this was more due to reaction against the party in power during a bad economy than actual acceptance of Republican views.

  4. 4
    ann sutherland says:

    No Surprise: Republicans Moving To Far Right While Democrats Moving Towards Middle –

  5. 5
    Gaius Sempronius Gracchus says:

    Kennedy and Truman to the left of LBJ?

    Carter to the left of all three?


  6. 6
    Ron Chusid says:

    Let’s just say I posted this partially to make the point that it is the Republicans, not Democrats, who are moving to new extremes, and partially as something of interest which I expect people to have disagreements with over the specifics.

  7. 7
    Professor Grimm says:

    No Surprise: Republicans Moving To Far Right While Democrats …: The Republican Party has moved to the far righ…

  8. 8
    Fritz says:

    If Republicans are moving the right, and Liberals to the middle, doesn’t that mean everyone is moving to the right, since the middle is to the right of the “old” Democratic” position? Is America moving to the right?

  9. 9
    Ron Chusid says:

    If left and right were a simple line that would be the case. The real world is more complicated than shown here.

    On economics the country has moved to the right. The Democrats have become the party of capitalism while economic ideas to the left of this have become rare. The Republicans have become the party of anti-capitalism in practice, attempting to destroy capitalism in favor of a more plutocratic system.

    On social issues there is a general movement towards the left, with the Republicans desperately trying to fight this trend. 


  10. 10
    Eugenick says:

    GOP is indistinguishable from the Democrat Party as it was during Kennedy, and the only direction both parties are going is to the left. And they are both crooks and supporters of crony capitalism, with the notable exception of Ron Paul.

    GOP stands for Progressivism/Liberalism-lite. For example, I am far-right:
    – I believe that monoculturalism is desirable, particularly Anglo-Saxon, Germanic or Scandinavian monoculturalism;
    – that we desperately need huge programs to increase the rate of scientific advancement, by increasing population intelligence over the next generations: eugenics for intelligence (in-vitro fertilization using the sperm and eggs from Nobel laureates, as well as paying surrogate parents to have the baby geniuses instead of their own children ought to do the trick);
    – and that the White race has created a civilization superior to those of all the other races, which is why it needs to be preserved in isolation from lesser cultures that can corrupt it; Liberalism, Libertarianism, Conservatism (of the Burkean kind) are all ideologies only developed by the White civilization 

    Still, it goes without saying that I am NOT represented by the GOP. In fact, I support Obama, he will bring the US to its knees faster, which is nice b/c China currently has superior economic and social policies and the sooner it becomes superpower no.1 the better.

    For me, the most disturbing thing about Obama is that he’s in fact not what he says he is, a social liberal – he apparently believes in copyright, patents, and that information and culture should be restricted to those who have money, and not be shared with the poor who can’t afford it. The recent SOPA and ACTA laws and the anti-piracy crusade are proofs of this. Liberals in the US, particularly those in Hollywood with serious lobbying power, are all for denying people living in poor countries the right to experience art and information freely, which contradicts their own stated values.

  11. 11
    Ron Chusid says:

    The Paulbots are such fascinating people. I wonder if this author of this comment also claims that Paul and many of his supports are not racists.

    Such Paulbots definitely are distinct from other political groups, although rather than the superiority they claim they sure display evidence of being intellectually and ethically impaired.

  12. 12
    John Sonntag says:

    RT @ronchusid: No Surprise: Republicans Moving To Far Right While Democrats Moving Towards Middle #p2 #p21 #topprog

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