Juan Williams Exposes The Racist Euphemisms Used By Republican Candidates

Juan Williams exposes the racism in the GOP campaign at The Hill:

The language of GOP racial politics is heavy on euphemisms that allow the speaker to deny any responsibility for the racial content of his message. The code words in this game are “entitlement society” — as used by Mitt Romney — and “poor work ethic” and “food stamp president” — as used by Newt Gingrich. References to a lack of respect for the “Founding Fathers” and the “Constitution” also make certain ears perk up by demonizing anyone supposedly threatening core “old-fashioned American values.”

The code also extends to attacks on legal immigrants, always carefully lumped in with illegal immigrants, as people seeking “amnesty” and taking jobs from Americans…

The former Speaker has declared that black people should demand jobs instead of food stamps. And he has proposed having poor students work as janitors in their high schools. Regardless of how they were intended, poor people and minorities sense that with those comments Gingrich is winking — some call it “dog whistling” — at certain white audiences by intimating that black people are lazy, happy to live off the government and lacking any intellect.

With comments like this, I wonder how long Williams will remain at Fox. Apparently exposure to ideas at NPR has made a difference. Getting outside of the right wing bubble from time to time might do wonders for other conservatives.

I’ll undoubtedly receive a response from a Republican insisting that he is not racist because he will claim that it is true that blacks are just interested in food stamps and immigrants take American jobs. I’ve certainly received a lot of defenses of Ron Paul’s racist newsletters based upon such logic. The Republican leadership provides a form of legitimacy to such prejudices.


Muppets Attack Fox


The Muppets have responded to attacks from Fox:

Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy hit back at Fox News during a UK press conference following the London Premiere of their new film. Fox had publically criticized the film for supposedly pushing a ‘dangerous liberal agenda’ at kids.

Kermit mocks their blatant and pointless fear mongering before Miss Piggy offers her own opinion on Fox News.

Topless Protestors Outside World Economic Forum in Davos


I have not been terribly interested in the Occupy Wall Street movement since the concentration changed from issues to the protests themselves. I certainly have no interest in the Tea Party movement, with their members being totally ignorant about the issues they stress, and as they take symbols from the American Revolution while holding views which are quite contrary to the liberties fought for by the Founding Fathers. A group of protestors in Davos Davos did manage to find a way to get my attention, as seen in the video above and the picture of the demonstrators below:

They are protesting topless outside the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland calling for more female participation in the meetings and in politics, claiming they are “Poor Because of You.”

Think Progress has more on this protest.

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