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“YouTube has launched a politics channel so that people can easily find videos of the presidential candidates. Today they posted their first video, ‘Cat Winning a Debate Against Michele Bachmann.'” ” –Jimmy Fallon

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    Jimmie Robinson says:

    Please don’t feed the Sharks

    Republican’s and Teabaggers and the Christian “Right”,
    seeks who they may devour.
    They roam to and fro,
    like a shark in the darkest hour.

    Especially after our blood,
    like our Daughter or Son.
    They care less for our tears,
    or faith with life we run.

    They circle our schools these sharks,
    and seek for kids away from home.
    They gnash teeth and growl with hunger,
    that prayers are silenced from their roam.

    Death to America’s Justice system,
    Death to the liberty we all share.
    Death to freedom of speech,
    Me, myself and I is the sharks adorn.

    Kids are such a sweet treat,
    and such an easy prey,
    Protection needs to stop,
    to devour without delay.

    I was twelve left in schools zone,
    where a Christian teacher attacked.
    I reached out for teachers help,
    that lead to harder paddle whacks.

    Remembering this day,
    when my years were few.
    I have now grown old with scars,
    that warns what sharks will do.

    Jimmie Robinson

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