SciFi Weekend: Doctor Who– Petrichor, For The Girl Who’s Tired of Waiting; The Wedding of River Song; Upstairs Downstairs; Community; Inspector Spacetime; Fringe; Terra Nova

Petrichor, while not used as frequently as Bad Wolf in a previous season, has become the word of the season on Doctor Who. Before its use in Closing Time,  Petrichor was mentioned in The Doctor’s Wife, first by Idris, and later Amy Pond used it as a telepathic password to enter one of the TARDIS’s old control rooms.

Idris: It means “the smell of dust after rain.”
Rory: What does?
Idris: Petrichor.
Rory: But I didn’t ask.
Idris: Not yet. But you will.

Closing Time was primarily, but not exclusively, a light show in which the Doctor visited his old friend Craig from The Lodger. Craig is played by James Corben, who co-wrote and acted in the fantastic BBC sit-com Gavin and Stacey. The episode also included Cybermen along with a view of Amy Pond’s perfume for the girl who’s tired of waiting (video above). Ultimately the story really didn’t matter. Corben’s role wasn’t as good as in The Lodger, but I’m always happy to see Craig/Smithy.

Near the end of the episode, the Doctor, wearing a stetson, was preparing to meet his fate. He spoke to some children before entering the TARDIS, and then the scene shifted to River Song reviewing interviews with the children about what they saw. The final moments (major spoilers ahead) confirmed what most suspected ever since Flesh and Stone. River Song kills the greatest man she ever knew, and this could only be the Doctor. The episode ended with an adult Dr. Song/Melody Pond being forced into the astronaut suit and is next seen under water, presumably at Lake Silencio.Here is the final scene and commentary from Steven Moffat:

Next week, The Wedding of River Song. The BBC has released this above prequel scene:

The BBC reports that Alex Kingston is also joining the cast of Upstairs Downstairs.

There was a second type of connection between Doctor Who and the Upstairs Downstairs genre of British television shows. On Community, it was claimed that Cougar Town was based upon the British television show Cougarton Abbey. This was intended to distract Abed until Cougar Town returns but Cougarton Abbey, like many British shows, wrapped up in a very short time. This led to Britta showing Abed another British show, Inspector Spacetime, seen in the video above. Who knew that there was a British time travel show a year before Doctor Who began?

Community managed to beat out the other Thursday night genre comedy, The Big Bang Theory, at least in terms of genre references. Besides including references to Cougar Town, Downton Abbey, and Doctor Who, the episode also had an  homage to the ending of 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Last week Fringe returned. Not only don’t we know where Peter Bishop is, everything else we knew could be changed in this timeline where adult Peter never existed. We already saw that Walter is somewhat different, never leaving his lab. There could be even bigger differences, such as perhaps characters who died in past seasons such as alt-Broyles still being alive.

Steven Spielberg’s latest television genre show, Terra Nova, starts tomorrow. The New York Times has a review. I’m glad that the show takes place in a different timeline, denying Sarah Palin the opportunity to use this as evidence that humans and dinosaurs co-existed.


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    cffry says:

    Nice summary of what happened on #DoctorWho this weekend:

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    Carter Thomas says:

    I love Doctor Whooooooooo!

  3. 3
    Gary LaPointe says:

    So when did amy get time to design and name a perfume?  How many years later did this take place?

  4. 4
    Lokana says:

    Actually, Doctor Who: A. Is a British T.V. show, so the relation of Cougarton Abbey to Cougar Town is not the same relation as Inspector Spacetime is to Doctor Who. B. Began in 1963, so I’m pretty sure that Inspector Spacetime is actually the knockoff, especially since I have the very first episodes in my personal library of Doctor Who memorabilia… You might want to get a fact checker for your articles or actually invest a little more time in your research, it would have only taken a few minutes to look it up on the BBC website.

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    Ron Chusid says:

    If you actually read the blog before commenting you would see that there are no errors in the post. The blog covers Doctor Who regularly and I am therefore well aware that Doctor Who is a BBC television show. The post is showing Inspector Spacetime as a parody which appeared in an episode of Community. See the video which this refers to. (A character on Community shows another character Inspector Spacetime, claiming it is a BBC show going back to 1962–a yaer before the real Doctor WHo started.) Similarly Cougarton Abbey was a parody of British television shows such as Downton Abbey, mixing in Cougar Town as a joke. You are failing to distinguish between what is presented as fact and as parody here.

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    Craig Morris says:

    @Awdures @peterwilkin1 @marousia @fumanchucat @jahesch @poetjanstie @wingsoverwaters @the_linnet Petrichor

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    @nerdgirlcomedy Makes me want to tickle her feet. But how about this one:

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    @aptronym Much like this 🙂 #DrWho

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