Barack Obama’s Pre-Super Bowl Interview With Bill O’Reilly

Above is the video of the interview with Barack Obama. Perhaps the top exchange:

O’Reilly: “Are you a man that wants to redistribute wealth?”
Obama: “Absolutely not.”


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    Jim Kearney says:

    A good example of someone with class interviewed by an opinionated, classless interviewer.  A thumbnail of the Fox Network.  Then O’Reilly closes with “I hope you think I treat you fair”…..are you kidding me!?

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    Leslie Parsley says:

    O’Reilly is an ass but I didn’t think he was as abrasive as we’ve seen him on a gzillion other occasions and I don’t think we can expect much more from his ilk. He’s stupid but not so stupid that he doesn’t know Obama can walk circles around him.

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    ship of fools says:

    god, comparing the two … like night and day … veritable genius versus certifiable ignoramus

  4. 4 says:

    Oh yes, Mr. Riley, in a society where the top 2% own 50% of the wealth, there is a need for a more equitable distribution.  Now how this distribution comes about is the issue to discuss.  Instead of opening your next solar panel manufacturing unit in Sanhgai, you open it here in the land you live in, procreate in, recreate in and go to hospital in.  Give your countrymen the opportunity to make money.  I on my part, assure you that I will put in enough controls on imports that you can sell your products here domestically at a reasonable profit.  If your pharmaceutical cronies supply medication at the price people get it in India and China and if you hospitals do not charge a lifetime’s worth of wages for an appendicitis, then your workers will not have to be paid as much.  If you don’t do it,  the society will collapse and you will lose your home and we all will lose this country!

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    bobby b says:

    ship of fools says:         “‘like night and day…..a veritable genius versus a certifiable ignoramus…” He failed to identify which was which. I am not sure either fits either description. Both are highly intelligent men.

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