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‎”Sarah Palin has another new book. As long as somebody else is writing them for you, you can turn them out just like that.” –David Letterman

Rush Limbaugh’s Latest Conspiracy Theory: Obama To Take Control of Airline Industry

I was just out driving and scanning through the am stations, looking for the Wisconsin-Northwestern game. I wound up hearing Rush Limbaugh for a couple minutes. At first he was babbling about the TSA searches turning us into a police state, as if he wouldn’t be cheering them on if Bush was still in office.  Then Rush became more delusional.

He avoided outright making thisabsurd prediction himself but he clearly was pushing this attack line to see if it will stick. He spoke of how “people are saying” that this is all a prelude to the federal government taking over the airline industry. He went on to say it wouldn’t be surprising considering everything else which has happened.

This would only make sense to those sheep brainwashed by the right wing line that Obama is a socialist. Is Rush speaking of the auto industry, where Obama has placed General Motors on a path towards restoring itself as a private corporation? For a supposed socialist, Obama’s record so far has only been to keep the country out of a depression and strengthen capitalism.  Like other delusional right wing pundits, Limbaugh would prefer to stick to the false attack line which was decided upon before Obama even took office as opposed to paying any attention to Obama’s actual postions.