Educating Sarah Was Unsuccessful

During the 2008 campaign the McCain campaign found that Sarah Palin was ignorant of basic information regarding recent history and other nations, including that Korea was a divided country. Game Change explained:

She knew nothing. She had to be taken through World War I, World War II, the Cold War, and Palin was not aware there was a difference between North and South Korea. She continued to insist that Iraq was behind 9/11; and when her son was being sent off to Iraq, she couldn’t describe who we were fighting.

Palin is still having difficulty remembering the details about Korea. Today in an interview with Glenn Beck she referred to “our North Korean allies.”

“This speaks to a bigger picture here that certainly scares me in terms of our national security policy. But obviously we’ve gotta stand with our North Korean allies.”

In what might be the first occurrence ever, Glenn Beck provided the correct answer.

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    molinelobo says:

    RT @RonChusid: Educating Sarah Was Unsuccessful–Still can't the division of Korea straight #p2 #p21 #topprog

  2. 2
    TheRittenbergReport says:

    RT @RonChusid: Educating Sarah Was Unsuccessful–Still can't keep the division of Korea straight #p2 #p21 #topprog

  3. 3
    Mugwumpie says:

    RT @RonChusid: Educating Sarah Was Unsuccessful–Still can't keep the division of Korea straight #p2 #p21 #topprog

  4. 4
    Diane says:

    While it is appalling to think of her as POTUS, can you believe she was a Gov.? Thank God it was the least populated state, but the stupidity of this woman is astounding.
    I wonder if she can ever learn or if her ego gets in the way?

  5. 5
    hghiu says:

    Yeah, it’s a bit frightening to think that this woman was able to be a governor for so long without anyone noticing how functionally inept she is… and to think that people actually voted for her when she was running as VP. Honestly, the idea that she was very nearly in a position of leadership over the whole country is one that inspires nothing less than outright fear.

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