Question of the Day

After the Republicans repeal health care reform, will they next repeal the Bill of Rights?

Plouffe Joins White House

I am happy to see that David Plouffe will soon be back working for Obama. Plouffe ran Obama’s 2008 campaign, and perhaps his departure is one of the reasons that the Obama campaign did a better job of controlling their message than the Obama White House. This won’t do anything to stop the misinformation from the right, but perhaps he will get the White House better organized to get its message out to thinking people.

Sarah Palin Remains Afraid To Be Interviewed By Katie Couric

During the 2008 campaign Sarah Palin’s ignorance was exposed when she could not answer basic questions related to public policy during interviews with network news anchors. Katie Couric especially deserves credit for asking follow up questions when Palin tried to avoid answering questions. Since then Palin has avoided Couric as well as the rest of the news media.

In an interview tonight, Sarah Palin states she will not do further interviews with Couric. Needles to say, this statement came in an interview on the house GOP network, Fox, conducted by Sean Hannity.

Should Palin decide to run for president in 2012 it will be interesting to see if she can get away with avoiding any legitimate news interviews. To this day she has never appeared on the major network Sunday interview shows, which tend to lean conservative but which still would not be likely to allow Palin to get away without being able to answer basic questions.

HHS Issues Rules Requiring 80% Of Premiums Be Spent on Health Care

The Department of Health and Human services has released new rules requiring health insurance companies to spend 80 to 85 percent of premium dollars on medical care as opposed to administrative costs. Companies which exceed these numbers will have to start issuing rebates to beneficiaries beginning in 2010. The National Journal reports:

The Department of Health and Human Services today released long-awaited regulations governing how insurance companies can spend customer premiums.

The interim final rule on medical-loss ratio requires insurers to spend 80 percent to 85 of premium dollars on medical care, as opposed to administrative costs.

The regulations follow the National Association of Insurance Commissioners recommendations on deducting federal and state taxes from the medical loss ratio. It also allows “mini-med” plans to follow a different calculation formula than other plans in 2011.

“These new rules are an important step to hold insurance companies accountable and increase value for consumers,” HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius told reporters at a press conference this morning.

The new health care law requires insurers offering individual or group coverage to submit annual reports to HHS on the percentages of premiums that the coverage spends on reimbursement for clinical and quality improvement services.

If the spending does not meet minimum standards for a given plan year, then the companies have to pay a refund to policy holders beginning in 2012.

Meghan McCain Wants To Kick Obama’s Ass

Liberal writers have often been pretty soft on Meghan McCain. After all, we don’t blame her for  backing her father and it is good to see a Republican comment on how the social policies of the GOP risk losing a generation. McCain would be best off writing books such as Dirty Sexy Politics as opposed to getting more directly  involved in political battles. She now states she desires to become a political strategist and “kick Obama’s ass the next election.”

McCain’s lame attack on Obama isn’t going to go over well with many liberals who have so far limited any criticism of her, and I have my doubts that any major campaigns will really see her as an asset.

Quote of the Day

“Sarah Palin says she’s going to run for President in 2012. 2012. Donald Trump said he’s going to run for President in 2012 against Sarah Palin. Nice to know there will somebody equally unqualified…Now that would be some presidential race. You’ve got Donald Trump and Sarah Palin and the debates. Get there early and get some seats down front for those debates. ‘You’re fired, you becha.'” –David Letterman