SciFi Weekend: Doctor Who, A Christmas Carol Promo; Deleted Scenes From The Doctor Who DVD; The Unaired Episodes of Caprica

Above is a promo for the Doctor Who Christmas Special, A Christmas Carol. Unlike previous years, the episode will air in the United States and some other countries on Christmas Day. In previous years there would be a delay, leading to many fans downloading pirated copies instead of waiting.

The DVD of Series 5 is out with some deleted scenes. Meanwhile In The Tardis:

The above scene, taking place between The Eleventh Hour and The Beast Below, shows Amy’s first reaction to the Tardis and the Doctor’s explanation of why the Tardis appears like a police box from the outside. It also shows why Amy is floating in space at the beginning of The Beast Below.

The second scene above takes place after Amy kissed the Doctor at the end of Flesh and Stone and before The Vampires of Venice. Amy figured out that she was not the first to join the Doctor and asked how many before her were female and whether they were hot.

Those who are eager to see the five concluding episodes of Caprica don’t have to wait long, and they have a few choices as to how to see the episodes.  While the episodes were held back on SyFy, they continue to air in Canada on the Space Channel and some  US fans have been downloading them. Unfortunately, while Caprica aired in high definition on SyFy, it is only airing in standard definition in Canada. Those wanting DVD quality can purchase the DVD set in December while those holding out for full high definition only have to wait until early January. SyFy will be airing all five remaining episodes on January 5 starting at 6:00 p.m. eastern time.

Quote of the Day

‎”Bush opening a library, that’s like Kirstie Alley opening a can of diet coke.” –David Letterman

Once Again Paul Krugman Shows The Left Can Be As Nutty As The Right

I really don’t take the repeated attempts by Paul Krugman to paint Obama as a Reagan-loving conservative any more seriously than the attempts by tea party supporters to pain Obama as a socialist.

Krugman’s post is another pathetic attempt to resurrect the Obama vs. Clinton campaign long after Hillary Clinton has joined forces with Obama. During the 2008 primary campaign, this Clint0n-supporter did not understand the political benefits of finding some good to mention regarding Reagan’s legacy to woo the Reagan Democrats back to voting Democratic, while also making clear his vast differences in opinion with Reagan. Krugman still does not understand Obama. I imagine he is helping to keep up his readership among the PUMA’s.

Jimmy Carter Accuses Fox Of Distorting The News

Jimmy Carter is clearly correct in accusing Fox commentators of deliberately distorting the news:

Jimmy Carter said Sunday that Fox News commentators including Glenn Beck have “deliberately distorted” the news.

Speaking on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” Sunday, the former Democratic president took aim at the cable news channel climate, often a target for President Obama as well who says he tries to avoid the cable chatter.

“The talk shows with Glenn Beck and others on Fox News, I think, have deliberately distorted the news. And it’s become highly competitive,” Carter said. “And my Republican friends say that MSNBC might be just as biased on the other side in supporting the Democratic Party, the liberal element.” 

Discussing only the commentators misses the real problem. The problem is not only that Fox commentators such as Glenn Beck distort the news but that the the shows billed as news as opposed to commentary repeat the same distortions.

The situation at MSNBC is quite different even if the evening commentators may be as biased in the opposite direction. One difference is that, while they have a clear liberal ideological bias, MSNBC’s commentators do not see their job as promoting the Democratic Party as Fox promotes Republican candidates. MSNBC’s liberal commentators are often critical of the Democratic Party.

While MSNBC’s opinion shows are  biased, the information the opinions are based upon and information discussed is far more accurate than the supposedly equivalent shows on Fox.  MSNBC does not deliberatly promote deliberate misinformation as Fox does.

Another key difference is that the bias of the evening commentators is not carried around the clock. MSNBC has a conservative host during the morning hours. During most of the day they have legitimate news shows which do not repeat the views of the evening commentators the way Fox repeats distortions in their news.

The difference comes from how the stations were established. Fox was deliberately founded by Republican supporters with the intention of using the channel to distort the news to move the country towards the right. MSNBC is run by Republican supporters who found they can make more money by putting on liberals in the evening.