Top Ten Surprises In Sarah Palin’s New Book

David Letterman’s “Top Ten Surprises In Sarah Palin’s New Book”

10. It’s one, long run-on sentence
9. Lists her favorite things to gut
8. In 2008, she voted for Obama
7. She plagiarizes the stuff George W. Bush plagiarized in his book
6. Averages six “You betcha’s” per page
5. In high school, was voted “Most Likely to Serve Half-Term As Alaska’s Governor”
4. Comes with a caribou jerky bookmark
3. There’s also an edition that’s been translated into English
2. Explains why they call her Baba Booey
1. Palin recently worked as a Tina Fey impersonator

Quote of the Day

“A guy was so upset with Bristol Palin on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ that he shot his TV set with a shotgun. You would think a guy with a shotgun tucked between his couch cushions would be a Palin supporter.” –Jimmy Kimmel

Barbara Bush Hopes Palin Stays in Alaska

There’s one thing which independents, Democrats, and even a sizable number of Republicans agree on–it would be a disaster if Sarah Palin were to become president. Most realize that Palin is clueless on the issues and not competent for national office. Her support is primarily limited to the most ignorant group in America–tea party members. Many Republicans have additional motivation to hope that Palin does not run as a ticket led by Palin could lead to a massive wave election which would more than reverse GOP gains made in the off year election.

Palin’s recent claim that she believes she can defeat Barack Obama has many Republicans worried that she might run. They are not thrilled by the prospect that the Republicans could have a candidate who is as unqualified for national office as Palin, who couldn’t complete even a single term of office in a position with more responsibility than mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, and who would need to go through an entire presidential campaign avoiding press interviews beyond those from the Republican’s house media outlet (Fox).

While we are still in the increasingly visible “invisible primary” phase, I bet that we will be seeing many prominent Republicans try to stop her campaign before it gets off the ground. I don’t know if this was part of an attempt to help the party or just a comment on her personal views, but Barbara Bush has made her opinion clear on Palin in an interview with Larry King:

Sarah Palin may not have the biggest fan in former first lady Barbara Bush. “I sat next to her once. Thought she was beautiful,” Barbara Bush said. “And she’s very happy in Alaska, and I hope she’ll stay there.”