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“In his new book, George W. Bush says he’s happy to be out of Washington. Well, it’s unanimous.” —David Letterman

Bonus quotes from Letterman:

“George W. Bush says he is glad to be out of the Oval Office because he doesn’t have to think all the time. And I’m thinking wait a minute, that was him thinking all the time. Really?” —David Letterman

“In the book Bush says that he lost respect for John McCain when he selected Sarah Palin as his running mate. This from a guy whose running mate shot a buddy in the face.” —David Letterman

“President Bush is everywhere talking about his book and he’s being very candid. In one interview, he said that he used to do stupid things while he was drunk. But think about it, who among us hasn’t had a couple of drinks and invaded Iraq?” —David Letterman

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