Growing the American Ecomomy: Why Barack Obama Is In Asia

Austan Goolsbee, Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers, explains why Barack Obama is in Asia and how this will help us get out of the current economic mess.

Glenn Beck Receiving Criticism For His Anti-Semitic Attacks

Glenn Beck often repeats conspiracy theories from the Birchers and other far right wing groups. That made it inevitable that he would wander into repeating anti-Semitic memes which have historically been common on the far right. In return, Beck is now receiving criticism for spreading anti-Semitism and fabricating false attacks on George Soros from a number of sources, including Michelle Goldberg at the Daily Beast and The Anti-Defamation League,  James Besser at The Jewish Week, and Media Matters for America.

Quote of the Day

“Fox News reports that Obama visits Indonesia, one of several foreign countries where he was born.” –Andy Borowitz

TV Alert: Wil Wheaton Returns to Big Bang Theory

Evil Wil Wheaton Big Bang Theory

Evil Wil Wheaton returns to Big Bang Theory to further torment Sheldon. In addition,  Kaley Cuoco and Mayim Bialik and have a pillow fight.

USA Today has more on the episode.

Rubicon Canceled

In its biggest mistake since running the awful remake of The Prisoner, AMC announced today that they are canceling Rubicon. Is it a conspiracy? Now we’ll never find out what happened to Spangler after his former associates sent him that clover.

Update: It turns out that Truxton Spangler is alive and tweeting about the API Shut Down:

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