Bush Admits No WMD

George Bush is on a book tour talking about how he still believes invading Iraq was the right decision, even though no WMD was found. While I disagree with his handling of the war and his premature cessation of the diplomatic efforts at the onset of the war, I’m glad he is saying this. Will this shut up any of the right wingers who still claim that WMD was found?

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    Addiction Analyst says:

    Bush does admit that there weren’t any WMD’s, but he still doesn’t take responsibility for using this “intelligence” to justify our invasion.  Bush feels as though this book vindicates his irresponsible push for war.  Since it was all predicated on saving us from WMDs, I don’t know what else he could do but to attempt to rewrite history.  He is hoping that this account will let him retire as a successful and competent President.  How dumb does he think we are?

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