Pelosi Running To Remain Democratic House Leader

After a lot of speculation she would do it, CNN has just issued a bulletin that Nancy Pelosi will run to be House Minority Leader. So far the only real opposition has come from the right. I had hoped she might step aside and that another liberal candidate might arise to replace her.

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    Madison says:

    I strongly oppose the election of Nancy Pelosi as minority leader.  She has been wrongly demonized, but she nevertheless represents a distraction.  Many moderate Democrats and moderate independents will drift away if she is given this role.  If Democrats want to win in 2012, they need to pay attention to the role Rep. Pelosi has played in the past election – a rallying point for the Conservative Party.
    If you agree, please email your representative.  There is generally an email contact page on each representatives website.

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    Len says:

    I strongly support the election of Nancy Pelosi as minority leader. She has proven herself to be a strong and effective leader in the Democratic party and in Congress. Besides, now is not the time to be handing the Republicans/Tea Party  another scalp. You know that if she goes down, they will claim the credit for her downfall and hold it up as just another example of their omnipotence.

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    Ron Chusid says:

    The views of the Republicans and Tea Party has no bearing on this. We should not remove Pelosi because the right wants it, but we also should not keep her because the Republicans want her out. Her handling of the Medicare payment fix was utterly incompetent. If it was an option I’d like to see her replaced by someone who would make the Republicans equally angry.

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    Len says:

    I’m sorry, Ron, but I think you’ll find that the views of Republicans/Tea Party will have a lot of bearing on a lot of things over the next couple of years. Besides, that is not the only reason I’m in favor of keeping Mrs. Pelosi. I also stated that she has proven herself to be a strong and effective leader in the Democratic party and in Congress. She has. She managed to get a lot of President Obama’s agenda through the house, though most of it was changed drastically or defeated outright when it got to the Senate. My Mom (bless her heart) says she voted for George W. Bush in 2004 because we didn’t need to be changing horses in the middle of a war. We’re in the middle of war here. Probably not the best time to be changing horses.

  5. 5
    Ron Chusid says:

    It doesn’t matter now as there is not going to be a liberal challenger to Pelosi now that she decided to run again, regardless of my dissatisfaction with how she handled Medicare.

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