A Good Night?

Some newspaper headlines (such as here) are saying yesterday was a good night for the Democrats with Tea Party members winning primaries, increasing the chances of Democratic victories in November. Maybe politically it is good for their Democratic opponents, but otherwise I cannot call it a good thing for the country when so many Americans vote for such extremist and uninformed candidates.

Democracy works best when there is an opposition party which offers a viable alternative, even if not the alternative which Democratic voters would prefer. It is a dangerous thing when the only opposition party offers an extremist alternative. At best, they fail to provide a meaningful opposition, which every governing party should have. At worst, the Tea Party candidates could actually win, which would be disastrous for the country.

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    mbfromhb says:

    » A Good Night? Liberal Values: http://bit.ly/bkzMeh via @addthis

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    DR says:

    RT @RonChusid: Is it really a good night when #teaparty candidates win, even if it helps Democratic opponents? #p2 http://bit.ly/9gL69d

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