Independents Prefer Obama’s Economic Policies over Bush’s & Turned Off By Palin and Other Conservatives

Despite the conventional wisdom coming from the supposedly “liberal media” that Obama and the Democrats are in huge trouble, there is more scattered good news. First a survey from The National Journal found that Americans prefer Obama’s economic policies over those of George Bush:

Despite a tough year for President Obama, the public believes his administration’s policies offer a better chance at improving the economy over the policies of his predecessor, former President George W. Bush. According to the latest Society for Human Resource Management/National Journal Congressional Connection Poll, conducted with the Pew Research Center, 46 percent said Obama’s path would do more to improve economic conditions in the next few years, compared to 29 percent who said policies put in place by Bush would.

And regarding the most significant domestic policy of Bush’s time in office, his 2001 and 2003 tax cuts, the public is offering a split verdict on what course lawmakers should take as they all expire at the end of the year.

Needless to say, there was considerable partisan bias in the findings, but independents did show a strong preference for Obama’s policies over Bush’s:

The number of independents who said neither administration’s policies would help was higher than the overall sample, 27 percent. Forty-three percent of independents favored Obama’s policies, while 20 percent favored Bush’s.

The preference of many independents for Democrats when it boils down to a clear choice between Democrats and Republicans is being seen in California. Public Policy Polling is finding that independents are turning against Carly Fiorina. As a result, Barbara Boxer has extended her lead to 49-40 in a race which previously appeared competitive.

In New Hampshire, an endorsement from Sarah Palin has turned out to harm a Republican candidate. Public Policy Polling found:

Kelly Ayotte’s seen her appeal to moderate voters crumble in the wake of her endorsement by Sarah Palin and her lead over Paul Hodes has shrunk to its lowest level of any public polling in 2010- she has a 45-42 advantage over him, down from 47-40 in an April PPP poll…

The Palin endorsement may well be playing a role in this. 51% of voters in the state say they’re less likely to back a Palin endorsed candidate to only 26% who say that support would make them more inclined to vote for someone. Among moderates that widens to 65% who say a Palin endorsement would turn them off to 14% who it would make more supportive.

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