Combating Fudamentalism

The Independent has a story entitled Speaking up: Young muslims take on the extremists–Young Muslims have a forum where they’re learning to combat fundamentalism.

How can mainstream young Muslim students get heard when fundamentalists often have a stranglehold on their groups and societies? Saniya Gour, 17, an east London A-level student, has struggled. “Everyone where I live is so extreme. There are very few who are not hardline about things. And, as a girl, they don’t want to hear what you have to say. I go to Leyton Sixth Form College and when I asked one of the heads of Isoc (the Islamic Society) if I could speak, he said no. They don’t even like me talking to guys. They say: ‘You’re wearing a headscarf, you shouldn’t be talking to boys’.”

However, Saniya and other young Muslims now have a national forum where they can learn leadership skills and how to speak up. The Young Muslim Leadership Network (YMLN), funded by the Government as part of its controversial Prevent programme designed to stop violent extremism, is working hard to make its mark. It needs to. Early soundings by some of its two dozen members show that it is up against powerful forces.

The network was founded last year for young people aged 16 to 21, and has three groups – two in London and one in Birmingham. The central London group is researching university Islamic societies, and members have been shocked at what they have found. Hazura Bazeer, 18, a member of the central London branch of the YMLN, is in her final year at Coombe Girls’ School in New Malden, Surrey, and has a place to study medicine at King’s College, London. She says: “In one case that we heard of, a girl was slapped in the face for not wearing a headscarf, and, in one society, women were not allowed to speak and had to hold up their questions in writing.”

(Hat tip to the Richard Dawkins Foundation.)

Sounds like a good idea and a worthy effort from the British government. It’s a shame we can’t have something like this here. We really could use a forum for young Republicans to combat the fundamentalism which has taken over that party.

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