Tea Party Activism And Storm Trooper Sound Bites

Mike Lupica argues that Tea Party activism is not about political dissent – It’s about vile, storm trooper sound bites:

As always, you wonder where this patriotism and righteousness and Tea Party activism was during Bush-Cheney. You wonder if all the people who want to take to the streets – and to the television cameras now – decided they weren’t needed for eight years because they thought the country was going so good. Or maybe they have just convinced themselves that the Obama who must now be stopped didn’t just inherit this America, he created it.

This is no longer about political dissent. It is about storm trooper sound bites, and hate. This isn’t the kind of honest debate on which our system of government has been built. It is vile, back-alley fighting, getting worse by the day, with no end in sight. People say that opposition to all Presidents, even the most unpopular white ones, sounds like this. No, it doesn’t.

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    CeCe says:

    This one is easy. These people weren’t available to protest during W.’s time. They were working! The de-regulation policies that Bush supported so heavily helped separate these people from their jobs and now they have the time to protest. They are against government involvement, and yet they are against the unemployment that a large number of them are suffering from.

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    JT says:

    These are dangerous times in our country.  Rand Paul is supported by the extreme Right wing White Supremacist like the one in South Florida that was envolved in his fathers campaign  for President, and I mean high up involved.  this country is looking a lot like Hitler’s Nazi Germany before WWII.  People can be really dumb, they have no idea of what they are supporting.

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    Paul Edward Snyder says:

    I am writing my second book which should be published near the middle of next year. This is a condensed preview. There will be more.
    Reminder: The following is not factual. It is written in the context of The Master of Fabrication, The Lord of Lies, The Demon of Deceit, the genius of Glenn Beck. It’s purpose is to demonstrate the seductive power of unsubstantiated assertion using what appears to be impeccable, irrefutable logic (often referred to as sophistry [kind of like proving beyond the shadow of a doubt that logically the world is square, rather than round, and thus flat]). A second purpose is to demonstrate just how destructive such seductive reasoning can be.
    Stage One
    Freedom and equality cannot coexist. They are mutually exclusive. Where there is one the other is being crowded out, and one will inevitably cancel the other out completely. We can, at most, do our best to balance the two, but it takes thought and constant vigilance. Above all, it takes an awareness of the battle between the two.
    Freedom and liberty are not synonymous. Freedom is action without boundaries, without obligation except those imposed on oneself. Liberty is the ability to act without undue restraint, but within common and reasonable boundaries. Freedom inevitably leads to an aristocratic society. Liberty is a byproduct of a community dedicated to equality dependent on lawyers, lawmakers, and enforcers.
    The American South is a good example of a free society, while the American North is a good example of a society based on equality. The American Mid-West, in contrast, has been for the past 150 years a buffer between the two. Conservative Communists (Trotskyists, Neo-Conservatives) realized early on that swinging the Mid-West towards one or the other would break the balance and undermine the effectiveness of the United States government. The question was how this was to be done.
    It was finally decided that the most damage could be done by moving the Mid-West sentiment towards a free society rather than one based on equality, because Freedom is feral and consequently geared more towards violence than is a domesticated society geared towards equality, mutual trust and the actual caring for (about) the less fortunate. With this decision came the means for its accomplishment – change the church, thus creating a world-view common to both the Mid-West and the South.
    My next chapter, Stage Two, will explain how this was indeed done.

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    Paul Edward Snyder says:

    I am not familiar with facebook and may have inadvertently blocked you out. Sorry!
     I am also on MySpace as PaulEdward Snyder, if you care to comment or start a conversation. Notice that PaulEdward is one word.

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