Another Scare Story From Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin doesn’t give up spreading false fears about health care reform. First There were her claims of “death panels.” Now she is tweeting about nonexistent problems for military. They will be able to keep their current coverage. There should be no problem grandfathering in the current military plan whether or not specific language on this is included in the final bill.  The convoluted logic behind this claim can also be seen at National Review.

Obama Now Speaking Before House Democratic Caucus

President Obama is now speaking before the House Democratic Caucus. Audio stream here.

Democrats Decide Against Using “Deem and Pass”

The Democrats have decided against using “deem and pass” with the health care reform legislation and will have separate votes. Assuming we don’t run into a problem such as the Senate bill being passed by the House and then the Senate failing to pass the changes, the end result will be the same. They will vote for the changes to the Senate bill under reconciliation before voting for the Senate bill itself.

The main difference is that this will deny right wingers the use of another bogus talking point based upon the process. The Washington Post notes:

Though the maneuver has been commonly used in the House, including by Republicans to advance their own favored policies, the idea attracted widespread criticism, and prompted Republicans to accuse House Democrats of trying to avoid taking responsibility for the Senate package…

Van Hollen said Democrats still maintain that deeming the Senate bill passed would have been appropriate and perfectly legal. But, he said, “there was no reason to allow the misinformation campaign to continue. Despite the fact that Republicans used it, we wanted to make the process absolutely clear.”

The Web vs. NPR

This week my radio listening is being interrupted by pledge breaks on my local NPR station. This points out another way in which the web can do things old media cannot. Often subscribing to a web site will allow you to avoid being interrupted by ads. It is a shame there is no way for members to similarly bypass NPR pledge breaks.

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Stupak Postpones Press Conference

Bart Stupak has postponed his eagerly anticipated news conference. It is still unclear how abortion will impact Sunday’s vote.

Update: It appears that Pelosi may have the votes to pass health care reform without the anti-abortion people and has told them to take a hike. So much for Jane Hamsher’s latest claims. She is rapidly becoming the Glenn Beck of the left.