Sarah Palin Pitching Reality Television Show

There has been increased talk lately about reality television shows being pushed by Sarah Palin:

Sarah Palin, TV producer? Multiple sources confirm that Palin and uber-reality show producer Mark Burnett have been making the rounds in Hollywood this week to pitch a TV docudrama about Alaska. One source called it a “planet-Earth type look” at Palin’s home state. The former candidate for the vice presidency was seen leaving ABC today with Burnett, and an insider confirmed that she met with reality topper Mike Darnell yesterday at Fox (where she and her family ended the day by visiting American Idol.Palin stayed in the green room).  She also stopped by CBS today and plans to meet with NBC Universal TV Chairman Jeff Gaspin tomorrow.

When asked about the meeting, one executive quipped, “she’s pitching a sequel to Commander in Chief,” a reference to the ABC drama from Rod Lurie that starred Geena Davis as the first female president.

Wasilla, Alaska, the methamphetamine capital of Alaska, might make a good setting for a reality television show. It could be a dystopian version of Northern Exposure.

I was promoting Sarah Palin for a reality television show back in October–a vice presidiential candidate version of What Not To Wear. The post was written in response to the revelations as to how much Sarah Palin was spending on clothing at the expense of the Republican National Committee.

Palin appeared on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno earlier this week. I discussed the appearance here.

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    Leslie Parsley says:

    I hope she doesn’t do any of the writing. Seriously, why do these people even court her? I guess stupid is, stupid does.

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