Obama’s First Year In Review

The Republicans have a strategy of screwing up the country as badly as possible, doing everything possible to keep the Democrats from doing anything, and then crying that the Democrats cannot get anything done. Despite this I’ve already noted how extraordinarily successful Obama and the Congressional Democrats were during Obama’s first year in office. I’ve come across another blog post on this topic which is well worth reading by J.E. Robertson, which was written even before the data came out showing how successful the stimulus plan was.

Robertson gave a very detailed account of Obama’s record for the first year noting that Obama has ” the most extensive record of success in fulfilling specific campaign promises in US history. We can expect this fact will not be widely
reported, as the mainstream news media appear determined to posture “objectivity” by refusing …to report successes Obama’s opponents refuse to acknowledge.” He also wrote:

This is one of the most accomplished records of any first year in office, and it has come with considerable difficulty in working with and around a Congress fraught with obstructionism and distracted by its own mythology regarding specific points of policy, and in the face of the most uniform and inflexible opposition any president in recent decades has faced.

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    Ron Chusid says:

    Obama's First Year In Review–quite a record despite all the obstacles. http://bit.ly/9viIve #p2 #obama

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