Hey Sarah Palin…

Hey Sarah Palin, how is that winkey, stupidy thing working out for you?

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    Teri Zandi says:

    Can you believe the irony of Palin calling the Debt immoral? It got that way because of Bush tax cuts (for the rich) during a time of war. I remember Dems pointing out that our grandchildren will be paying for the war, but the republicans didn’t see a problem with it then. Oh, but now it’s immoral.

  2. 2
    Hey Teri says:

    Hey blind Teri,
    It is only immoral when the spending is a hundred times over what the Republicans spent.  Wake up.

  3. 3
    Ron Chusid says:

    Check out the facts. Obama’s spending is only a small part of overall government spending. The real big spenders in recent history have been Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush.

    Obama’s numbers also look higher than they really are since 1) his budget numbers are honest, as opposed to Bush who tried to fight two wars off the books, 2) the current budget has to pay the interest on the deficit which Bush ran up, 3) Obama has to pay for programs which Bush put through with no source of funding, and 4) the stimulus (which is a minor expense compared to the expenses Bush ran up) was valuable in keeping us out of a depression which Bush almost caused.

  4. 4
    maryyooch says:

    One troll down, more to go.

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