Facebook App Spam

Facebook is a peculiar site in which people might most about anything from what they are having for dinner to insightful comments on politics. If not careful the page will also be filled up with lots of comments automatically generated from  “apps” such as The (Lil) Green Patch shown above which are sent to all of one’s friends. This has become such as common occurrence on Facebook that even Time makes mention of it.

It is possible to block each application as they show up but many of us wish there was a way to keep all of this type of stuff from showing up. At present I count 116 applications which I have blocked under my Facebook settings, and a new on pops up almost every day. Among the friend requests I also wind up with numerous requests every day to send them a pet for their zoo or to assist them in Mafia Wars. So many people were even sending me “blessings” that I totally blocked that app. Maybe I’ll go to Hell for this but I do not believe that their is a God who intervenes in our lives based upon blessings posted on our Facebook wall.

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    Brian says:

    » Facebook App Spam Liberal Values http://bit.ly/8MheaP

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    paul0451 says:

    I had that problem with MySpace. I just canceled my account there. Didn’t have time for all that junk. I’ll do the same with FB if I get to that point. I’m not there yet. Those “invites” some from your friend. Chose your friends carefully!

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