Today’s Book Shopping

My wife and I had lunch earlier and then ran into a book store next door.  I primarily went in to pick up David Plouffe’s book on the Obama campaign, The Audacity to Win. I also wound up buying a book I had never heard of before but couldn’t resist: Republican Gomorrah by Max Blumenthal. (I wonder if any relation to Sidney Blumenthal.) It’s on the take over of the GOP by the authoritarian right, subtitled: Inside the Movement That Shattered the Party. Naturally I couldn’t resist it after glancing through it at the store.

[I’ve often posted links to posts on Facebook. This might be the first time that a slightly revised version of my last Facebook status update was turned into a blog post. One day soon everything that everyone writes will simultaneously turn up on a blog, Facebook, and Twitter.]

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    SuperFastLaneMarket says:

    » Today's Book Shopping Liberal Values

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    Frank McKibben says:

    » Today's Book Shopping Liberal Values

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    FSM_Ed says:

    Yes, Max is Sidney’s son.  I’d recommend his youtube videos.  These are my two favorites:
    Generation Chickenhawk:
    Rapture Ready:

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    Sharon says:

    I watched the Youtube videos and they gave me some ideas 🙂

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