Fox Continues To Present Right Wing Propaganda

This morning, while flipping through the channels when one of the Sunday interview shows from one of the real network news divisions was running a commercial, I happened to go past Fox’s imitation interview show. At the moment they had Rush Limbaugh on, who was asked his view of Joe Biden:

Limbaugh: Pompous, a bit of a windbag, and wrong

Wallace: About?

Limbaugh: Pretty much everything

I found this somewhat amusing considering that “pompous, a windbag and wrong about pretty much everything” would be a perfect description of Limbaugh. Sure Biden can be a pompous windbag, and sometimes is even wrong, but compared to Rush Limbaugh Joe Biden is a quiet academic.

Limbaugh’s appearance on Fox News Sunday has received some coverage in the blogosphere, such as here.It looks like Rush Limbaugh and Chris Wallace spent a half hour with similar bashing of Obama and his administration. A major portion of Limbaugh’s attack was about Afghanistan:

The radio talk show accused the president of not caring about success in Afghanistan. “I know this is going to sound controversial but I don’t think he cares,” he said, before accusing Obama of “dithering” on whether or not to send more troops to the theater. “If he cared about it, Chris if he cared about it we’ve got soldiers and their families worrying about what we are going to do.”

To actually spend the time to evaluate the issue, as opposed to acting without thinking like George Bush did, shows far more concern for the soldiers than we see from the right wing. Perhaps if George Bush took the time to establish a rational strategy he wouldn’t have left Obama such a mess, and perhaps he wouldn’t have screwed up and let Osama bin Laden get away at Tora Bora when he had an excellent shot of capturing him.

Limbaugh repeated the usual right wing talking points to distort the health care debate, along with making claims which even most conservative attorneys have laughed at that the plan is unconstitutional.

This was certainly not a hard hitting interview as Chris Wallace allowed absurd statements from Limbaugh to go without challenge. Once again we see how the right wing noise machine promotes the same right wing talking points to promote the Republican Party, especially now that the followers of Rush Limbaugh and talk radio have taken control of the GOP.  Andrew Sullivan tied this interview into Fox’s lack of journalistic credibility, calling Chris Wallace a propagandist and writing, “It seems to me that any pretense that he remains a journalist must now be retired. He’s a Republican party operative, trading on a once-respected name in news.”

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