Owner of Topless Club Stripped of Award by Gingrich

The right wing is composed of a strange coalition which has elements supporting both economic conservatism and the social conservatism of  the religious right. Once again there is a sign that support for social conservatism is stronger than the dwindling libertarian elements. The Dallas Morning News reports  that Newt Gingrich’s conservative group had named Dawn Rizos as “Entrepreneur of the Year.” The Lodge which she runs is a successful business and Rizos  holds conservative economic views:

Rizos said her views include less government intervention in small business, as well as in Americans’ private lives.

Republicans have difficulty with that part about less government intervention in Americans’ private lives. They rescinded the award when they found out that The Lodge is a topless club.

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    Fritz says:

    The head of the WA state GOP, Luke Esser, talked at MSFT a week ago.  I asked him why the GOP chose to come out against domestic partnerships — after all, I thought Republicans were only opposed to marriage.
    He said that social conservatives were against it, and “Social conservatives have made the Republican Party what it is today” (yeah, that’s a direct quote from him).  I could not agree with him more about that.  There was last a Republican governor here over 20 years ago and the GOP is 1/3 of the state legislature.

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    Ron Chusid says:

    The objections of many right wingers extend well beyond gay marriage to opposing any rights for gays, who they consider sinners. This includes oppositions to gays having a domestic partnership and gays breathing the air.

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