“Birther” Doesn’t Have To Go To Afghanistan

There is some news in followup of yesterday’s post about a soldier went to court to fight deployment to Afghanistan by claiming that Barack Obama is not legitimately Commander-in-Chief, citing conspiracy theories which claim he is not a natural born American citizen. The far right WorldNetDaily site reports that the deployment orders were rescinded.

Some conspiracy theorists on the right, including at WorldNetDaily, are using this to try to add validity to their conspiracies about Obama’s birth certificate. Many other conservatives are staying away from these conspiracy theories. Mudville Gazette argues that the whole court case was a sham as Major Cook was never legally obligated to go to Afghanistan.

In another sideline to this case, David Weigel has described how Cook is a frequent poster at the misleadingly named conservative site Free Republic.

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  1. 1
    Mr. Jeffersonian says:

    We don’t need scum like that in our military anyway

  2. 2
    wyl says:

    Latest: Maj Kook fired from his civilian job
    Just found this post on Free Republic a week ago:
    I jot Job security, baby!
    (46 posted on Tuesday, July 07, 2009 1:29:23 AM by roaddog727 July 07, 2009)
    The irony.

  3. 3
    wyl says:

    For the record, Free Republic is a very nutty and bigoted forum, a popular outlet for right wing hate.
    Here’s an example:
    Vancouver Sun: Conservative Free Republic blog in free speech flap after racial slurs directed at Obama Children

  4. 4
    wyl says:

    MSNBC’s David Shuster Takes On “Free Republic” Website For Malia Obama Hate/Racist Comments – 07/13/09


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