Quote of the Day: Take the Money

“We’ll take it. We’ll take your money.”

–Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm on Fox News Sunday in response to Republican governors who claim they will not accept the stimulus money. She elaborated further:

Elaborating in an appearing on “Fox News Sunday” with three other governors, Granholm said the issue “is not about philosophical theory. This is about real people who, through no fault of their own, are laid off because of a recession. They need to be able to put food on the table.

“So you better believe I’m going to take every dollar that is coming to Michigan. And if my colleagues here in Minnesota and South Carolina don’t get — don’t use theirs, I’m going to be first in line to say for my people, for our citizens, to put people to work and to make sure that they can survive through this, I’ll take their dollars, too.”

Anyone really believe that, once the grandstanding is over, there really are any states with Republican governors which will not accept the money?

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  1. 1
    Fritz says:

    A creative twist on the tragedy of the commons — “Someone will grab the money and put the nation deeper in debt.  It had might as well be us.”

  2. 2
    DB says:

    Someone proposed (Rep Weiner?) a bill to redistribute money “not wanted”. That should test the principles of Jindal and Co. I am curious who will be the last standing.

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