Not A Climate Scientist

Via Memeorandum I came across an article in The Los Angles Times entitled  California farms, vineyards in peril from warming, U.S. energy secretary warns. Initially I did not plan on linking to it as Secretary of Energy Steven Chu was only testifying on what has already been published in the scientific literature by climate scientists. As the article points out, Chu himself “is not a climate scientist.” He won his Nobel prize in another field which does not make him an expert on the subject, but does make him well qualified to testify on the scientific literature written by those who are experts.

What I found interesting in reviewing this at Memeorandum was the response by the conservative bloggers to this article. They concentrate on the line that “Chu is not a climate scientist.” I find this amusing considering that the right wing blogosophere tends to ignore the strong consensus of those who actually are climate scientists and regularly cites the work of those outside the field. Check out the conservative blogs by global warming deniers and you will see that they frequently quote meteorologists such as John Coleman, Joe Bastardi, Chad Myers, Patrick Michaels, and Mike Fairbourne. None of these are climate scientists but conservatives have no qualms about quoting them when they agree with their political views.

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