Craig Crawford Has Figured Out How To Get Attention From Bloggers

Craig Crawford must be interested in having lots of bloggers link to him today, and realizes that one way to do so is to make a suggestion that is so insane that many bloggers will feel compelled to mock it. Crawford’s idea of a suggestion so off the wall that liberal bloggers could not ignore it is to suggest Newt Gringrich as Secretary of HHS:

Gingrich? Now before you lefties have a collective heart attack, think about it. Something as big as overhauling our entire health care system will be tougher to get done on a purely partisan basis. There are Republicans who want to play.

As much as it would infuriate liberals, picking Gingrich would be a hyper-bipartisan move. Would it confound the GOP into submission on health care? Maybe not, but it would be a bold move to change the political dynamics that have killed reforms in the past.

Obtaining attention in the blogosphere is the only conceivable reason Crawford would make such a suggestion. He couldn’t possibly be serious.

Choosing a Republican could have political benefits which might change the dynamics of the fight over health care reform. While he might be right on this, there are far better choices than Gingrich. I previously noted one more acceptable Republican choice here.

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