Jessica Alba Outsmarts Bill O’Reilly


Jessica Alba has shown that she can defeat Bill O’Reilly as easily as she can beat the Silver Surfer, especially if the challenge is a history quiz:

Jessica Alba is setting the record straight: Sweden was neutral during World War II.

Alba and Fox TV show host Bill O’Reilly traded punches last week after the presidential inauguration. After Alba told a Fox reporter that O’Reilly was “kind of an a-hole;” he retaliated by calling her a “pinhead” for telling a reporter to “be Sweden about it,” assuming she meant Switzerland.

“I want to clear some things up that have been bothering me lately,” Alba blogged on MySpace Celebrity. “Last week, Mr. Bill O’Reilly and some really classy sites (i.e.TMZ) insinuated I was dumb by claiming Sweden was a neutral country. I appreciate the fact that he is a news anchor and that gossip sites are inundated with intelligent reporting, but seriously people… it’s so sad to me that you think the only neutral country during WWII was Switzerland.”

Although Switzerland is more frequently cited as an example of neutrality, Sweden did indeed follow a policy of neutrality during World War II. History point to Alba.

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  1. 1
    Falling Panda says:

    Yeah.  I’m sure that the learned Alba was reffering to Sweden circa 1942 as opposed to Switzerland today.  I’m sure she’s a real WWII history buff.

  2. 2
    Ron Chusid says:

    Of course when speaking of neutrality Alba, and most others, would refer to a time of conflict when neutrality is meaningful. It makes far less sense to refer to policies today.

    World War II was a major event of the 20th century and it is not necessary to be a history buff to refer to the period. Besides WW II, Sweden officially claimed a policy of neutrality during the cold war (though their actual policies were not consistent with this).

    If she considered the World War II era with regards to labeling a country neutral as opposed to today, it looks like Alba not only is smarter than O’Reilly but is also smarter than you on this topic.

  3. 3
    patrick says:

    Thank you for posting the picture of Jessica Alba; you brightened my day a little bit (OK more than a little bit).  I am not surprised Miss Alba is smarter than Bill O’Reilly, but given how dumb he is, you have to admit that isn’t a great achievement.

  4. 4
    Ron Chusid says:

    No, I never said it was a great achievement, only that she did out smart him.

  5. 5
    Boblo says:

    Actually Sweden has been a neutral country longer than Switzerland. Switzerland officially declared neutrality in 1815. Sweden however declared neutrality in 1814

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