Editor Responds To Sarah Palin

The editor of the Anchorage Daily News has responded to attacks from Sarah Palin. I think it is safe to predict that Sarah Palin’s attacks on the media and disrespect for the First Amendment will not be changed. The Spiro Agnew wannabe fails to understand that, while such an attitude will energize the extreme right, it is not a successful long term political strategy.

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    DEO says:

    Even this point by point logic sort of eludes  Palin and her worshippers.
    Bottom line…….Oh, You HATER, you are SOOOOOO aftraid of Sarah Palin.
    This is truly BIZARRO.
    The real BOTTOM LINE, Palin loves ANY attention and understands that in the world of SHOWBIZ There is NO BAD PUBLICITY. It will be interesting to see how she runs a campaign on this though, IF she ever gets the GOP nod in 2012. I don´t know, Can she keep this up week after week for a number of YEARS, lol!

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